A feast for the eyes and palate

The meals during your stay are served at Nacpan Sunmai Beach Bar and Restaurant located directly below the property facing the beach with panoramic sea views.

nacpan beach resort

Enjoy local and international cuisine.

The menu is very international including both traditional Filipino and international dishes. The menu includes Grilled Tanigue (fresh Spanish mackerel in a delicious spinach sauce), Fried Squid with chef’s own original Chili Sauce, Tonkatsu Chicken, Pasta in a white creamy sauce, authentic Italian oven-baked pizza, healthy smoothie bowls, vegetarian stew, lamb chops, lasagna, Korean rice noodles, grilled pork skewers with vegetables, as well as a selection of vegan dishes. For dessert, try our chef's homemade Mocha Crumble or a fresh squeezed mango shake from the bar made with the sweetest local mangoes available.
The kitchen at Nacpan Sunmai prides itself in using only locally sourced ingredients, handpicked by our resident Head Chefs. With all fruits, vegetables, meat and fish available daily from local markets, every dish on the menu is served using fresh ingredients often caught or harvested the very same day. Sunmai's kitchen is run by our resident Filipino Head Chefs, Jojo Alog and Eddison Ramirez, who both boast an incredible 15 years of experience in five-star resorts across Southeast Asia.